Hydro Jetting and Your Drains

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Why hydro jetting? Why not! When you are stuck with consecutive clogs, they affect your daily routine. From showering to using the restroom—when none of your plumbing is working right, it’s a hassle! When you shower, there should not be so much pooling water that you keep slipping, and when you conduct business in the bathroom you should not always need a plunger at the ready.

If you are experiencing any of the following common clog catastrophes, contact DoneRite Plumbing right away for drain cleaning.

Clogged Drain Symptoms

Foul Odors

From hair to food, bacteria to debris—no matter the make-up of the clog—drain clogs smell. When there is a clog in your piping, bacteria and mold can build-up within your plumbing system emitting an awful stench. If you smell sewage, you likely have a malfunctioning trap in your toilet. Either way, to rid your home of foul odors, you will need to hire professional drain cleaners to remove your clog or replace your trap.

Slow Drainage & Pooling Water

When a clog is lodged into a pipe, it blocks the flow of water. This causes slow drainage, and water will pool in the sink or shower that is affected.

Toilet Won’t Flush

Waste and toilet paper are the only two things that should ever find their way down your toilet. Flushing feminine products, foreign objects, pills, and even baby wipes can cause a serious backup. If you have repetitive clogs, or your plunger can’t solve the scenario, contact a professional plumber for toilet repair.

The Logistics of Hydro Jetting

How does hydro jetting work? A large, hose-like device distributes pressurized water through your plumbing to remove blockages and restore water flow to your affected pipe. Then, a second nozzle, with higher water pressure, is attached to the hose to clean your pipes of any remaining debris or scum. This two-step process not only removes your clog, but it also prevents this predicament from occurring again. Without grease and grime, particles washed down your drain will have nothing to stick to! Hydro jetting is the best way to maintain efficient drains.

Hydro Jetting Benefits

Prevent Repiping

When your plumbing is well maintained, it will last longer. Simple as that! When a clog is left unresolved, pressure builds up within a pipe causing it to crack or burst. You will need to install new piping, which is far more expensive than annual drain maintenance.

Save Money

Your water bill will decrease with hydro jetting! Restricted water flow causes your water bill to spike, as your system has to work harder to transport water through your plumbing. Annual hydro jetting will keep water costs down by ensuring you have efficient water flow. Schedule hydro jetting today!

Environmentally Friendly

No chemicals are used during the hydro jetting process; hence, it is a more environmentally friendly way to remove clogs! Traditional drain cleaning techniques are toxic—stay away from store-bought drain cleaners—they do more harm than good.

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