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When your toilet is clogged or the water heater is not working, leave it to the hands of our professional plumbers to ensure quality and lasting results. For over 12 years, DoneRite Plumbing & Drain has been helping countless customers in the area. Our focus is on customer satisfaction above all else. That is why when you call, our team strives to be there for you right away. We are courteous, reliable, and upfront, especially when it comes to the cost of the service. Additionally, we live up to our name and always get the job done right. Don’t believe us? Just check out our consistently positive reviews and strong reputation online.

To request any plumbing service in Salem, call us at (503) 342-7782 or submit a contact form online!

Your Full-Service Plumbers

At DoneRite Plumbing & Drain, we are trained and experienced in handling every aspect of your plumbing. Our team even participates in additional training, so we can provide the latest techniques and technologies as well as service newer models of plumbing fixtures or appliances.

Get in touch with us right away if you need a Salem plumber for any of the following:

  • Water heaters – Whether you have a traditional tank or tankless unit, our goal is to ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of hot water.
  • Pipes – Are your pipes corroding or damaged? We offer reliable pipe repair and replacement service using the best materials and methods.
  • Leak detection – The sooner you identify the source of a leak, the less damage it will be able to do to your home. If you think you have a leaky pipe, don't hesitate to call our experienced technicians.
  • Toilets – If your toilet is always leaking or looking shabby, consider an upgrade. We offer top-of-the-line toilets including low-flow units for maximum savings and comfort.
  • Faucets – A leaky faucet is wasteful and can drive your water bills up. Call us right away, so we can repair or replace your problematic faucet.
  • Showers and tubs – Upgrading your shower and tub can make a huge difference in your bathroom. To ensure proper installation, contact our knowledgeable and talented team.
  • Sewer repair – Sewer lines break down over time for a number of reasons including corrosion, damage from storms, expanding root systems, and more. No matter your problem, our technicians can fix it.
  • Drain cleaning – When your sink is slow to empty or the water is not going down at all, let our Salem plumbers help you. We provide safe, effective drain cleaning services.
  • Garbage disposals – Your garbage disposal is a key, if often overlooked part of your kitchen plumbing. Our team will make sure it's in top shape and running well.
  • Remodeling – DoneRite Plumbing & Drain can turn your dream bathroom or kitchen into reality. We can discuss the specifics of your remodeling project and ensure an on-schedule and on-budget completion.

Our pricing menu is affordable and flexible. We will always give you the most competitive rate, especially on repairs. For other large-scale plumbing projects, we offer third-party financing through Synchrony Financial.

4 Signs You Need Plumbing Services

1. Gurgle - Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your unused plumbing appliances is a sign that you need to call our experts Salem plumbing services. It means that the air in your sewer line isn't getting through and pressure is building. Give us a call as this is an early indication of a sewer line that is in dire need of a cleaning.

2. Low water pressure - If you have low water pressure, first try unscrewing the faucet's aerator and getting at the clog yourself. If your unable to do that do not try to get at the clog via the exposed end of the fixture. You'll do more harm than good.

3. Toilet won't stop running - The most likely culprit here is the chain attached to your flapper. If the chain is unhooked or obstructing your flapper's seal then just adjust the chain. If it's not your chain then give our Salem plumbing services a call because there are a bunch of reasons that could explain why your toilet won't stop running.

4. Drip...drip...drip - This might seem minuscule, but if you're on a water meter then this can get pretty expensive. It's a quick fix for an annoying problem so give us a call.

Focusing on Customer Satisfaction

DoneRite Plumbing & Drain is looking forward to servicing your home. We are confident that you will find our courteous and friendly plumbers refreshing. If you have questions about our methods or prices, just ask. We are more than happy to help you ease all your plumbing worries.

Our goal is to give you the best customer experience possible. Call our Salem plumbing services now at (503) 342-7782!

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From Our Valued Customers
  • “I'm a plumber, not a radio guy”

    George Y Monmouth, OR
  • “Would recommend”

    Bob Salem, OR
  • “It went very well. Out of 5 plumbers contacted either by phone or through Angie's List "request for estimate" form on a Friday afternoon, DoneRite was ...”

    Becky Salem, OR
  • “He also taught me some things about garbage disposals I didn't know before. I would recommend this company!”

  • “DoneRite was very professional, friendly, and fast!”

    Charlotte N. Salem, OR
  • “They were professional and got the job done in no time. I highly recommend them for any plumbing needs!”

    Trisha C.
  • “Professional Job. Done Rite!”

    Jack Silverton, OR
  • “Put them first on your list to call for plumbing concerns. Courteous, efficient, explained potential problem & resolution in terms that I could understand. Problem was resolved at an affordable cost. Thank-you Alex & office staff.”

    Susan Salem, OR
  • “Great people”

    nathan Salem, OR
  • “I am overjoyed by the service that I received. If I need a plumber I will be calling DoneRite.”

  • “Very efficient, quick to address any concerns I had during a very extensive project. The work crew, especially Jim, was very efficient and friendly. I ...”

    Ruthann Salem, OR
  • “Highly recommend! Professional, problem solvers, reasonable prices”

    Dawn Salem, OR
  • “My plumbing company for life”

    Sharon Bolen Salem, OR
  • “Excellent service”

    Kathie Best Salem, OR
  • “Great service”

    Maria c Salem, OR
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