Hydro Jetting and Your Drains

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A Guide to Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-Jetting is the process of cleaning out a clogged drain with a high-pressure jet of water. It’s almost like a power-washer for your drains. In addition to clearing clogged drains, hydro-jetting can simultaneously clean pipes and prevent buildup from causing more problems down the line.

Facts About Hydro-Jetting that All Homeowners Should Know

You Cannot DIY Hydro-Jetting

You can try, but most natural-remedy drain cleaners and plumbing snakes will not get you free and clear. Additionally, never attempt to use a chemical drain cleaner; they have many harmful additives that can damage your pipes, drain, or sink over time.

Instead, it’s a good idea to get drains cleared by a professional. They can use hydro-jetting technology to blast away tough clogs while at the same time clear pipe walls of grime, grease, or mineral buildup (that buildup, if not clear, is the perfect catalyst for future clogs).

And, we cannot stress enough, do not try to stick a hose down your drain as sort of a DIY hydro-jet — that will only lead to a plumbing disaster.

A Plumber Will Determine if Hydro-Jetting is the Right Choice for Your Clog

While a professional plumber calls the shots, some signs may indicate to you that your drain might need a hydro-jetting session.

For instance, if your drains are experiencing frequent clogs, even after clearing with a snake or drain cleaner, it may be time to explore the hydro-jet — since hydro-jetting will blast through materials that conventional methods could not, like wood, grease, hair, and more.

Hydro-Jetting Can be Used as Preventative Maintenance

It is not only hydro-jetting used to help clear clogs, but it can also help prevent them. As it’s known, cleaner pipes mean fewer chances of bursts, rots, or wear and tear. And if you’ve yet to break the common habit of putting things down the drain that you shouldn’t (coffee grinds, eggshells, hair, etc.), this method can help you get back to a fresh slate.

Drain Cleaning in Salem

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