Cooking oil.

What Can and Can’t Go Down the Drain

Did you know that certain household items should never go down the drain? If you don't want to risk clogging your pipes or causing other plumbing problems, it's important to be aware of what should and shouldn't be washed down the sink. In this blog post, Site:BusinessName} will discuss some of the most common items that can cause problems for your drains and offer tips on how to dispose of them properly.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds, for example, are one of the most common items that people mistakenly try to wash down the drain. We all love a good cup of coffee, but coffee grounds can quickly clog your pipes and cause problems. Instead of washing them down your kitchen sink, it's best to dispose of them in the garbage.

Grease, Oil, and Fat

Grease, oil, and fat are also common culprits of clogged drains. When these substances cool, they can solidify and cause a blockage. To avoid clogs, it's best to pour any excess grease, oil, or fat into a container and dispose of it in the garbage.

Pasta and Rice

Pasta, rice, and other grains can also cause problems when washed down the sink. When mixed with water, these items can expand and cause a blockage in your pipes. Instead of putting them down your garbage disposal, it's best to dispose of any leftovers in the trash can.

If you’re ever unsure about what can and can’t go down your drain, it’s always best to stick with the safe option and throw it in the garbage. However, if you’ve accidentally flushed a few of these items down your drains recently and now your drains seem a bit clogged, let DoneRite Plumbing & Drain, LLC know. We offer quality drain cleaning services and will have your drains working like new!