Top Plumbing Problems with an Easy Fix

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While hiring a plumber is the best option for a reliable solution, there are things you can do on your own to fix or upgrade your plumbing system. Whether you need a quick fix or want to try your hand at doing it yourself, here are some options for easy plumbing repairs.

Common Clogs

The one thing you should never do with a clog is to use commercial drain cleaners. The harmful chemicals in many of them will damage your pipes and lead to long-term issues that will come out sooner or later. Plus, for real tough clogs that require professional help, these cleaners will likely be ineffective, therefore damaging your pipes for no reason.

If your sink is slow, you can try dumping boiling water, which can dislodge food clogs. But this tends to be a temporary solution. For real results, the best option is actually to prevent drains from getting clogged in the first place. In your bathroom, install a hair catcher to prevent nasty buildups. And in the kitchen, avoid putting food, fats, coffee grinds, paper, and other non-liquids down the drain. Not only will it help prevent clogs, but your pipes will remain tougher for longer.

For toilets, be mindful of what a normal flush sounds like. This way, you’ll be able to diagnose a problem when it occurs. For typical clogs, try to find a plunger shape that works best for your toilet.

Sealing Leaks

While a serious leak is likely a problem for a professional, a slow drip is something you can try and address on your own. If your faucet is leaking, try taking it apart according to the instructions and inspect the parts. You can usually find replacements online or at hardware stores. If a faucet is leaking, it is likely an issue with an O-ring or washer.

Another easy DIY fix is the caulking around your bathtub or shower. Caulking is a sealant material that goes between tiles and other elements. You can find caulk at any hardware store, and removal of existing caulking is as easy as grabbing a putty knife and a towel. Fixing cracked caulking can prevent leaks from penetrating your walls and floors, causing water damage.

Replacing & Upgrading Fixtures

You can also try your hand to upgrade or fix some of your faucets, showerheads, or other fixtures. One of the easiest replacements is the sink sprayer, which comes in a simple hose and sprayer attachment. You can also replace your aerator, which is the attachment that shapes the water coming out of the sink.

You can also replace your shower head or tub faucet. Some newer models are more efficient, help save water, and are a cost-effective way to make home improvements.

When to Call in the Pros

Many plumbing issues are too complicated for the average homeowner. Even if you’re handy and like getting things done on your own, a professional plumber works on these issues every day and has a wealth of knowledge to give you the best solution possible.

For constantly running toilets or serious leaks, a plumber can replace parts and diagnose a larger issue. Also, if you notice issues with plumbing units like your water heater, pipes, garbage disposal, or hard-to-reach areas, call in a professional to get the job done efficiently and safely.

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