What O-Rings Are and How to Replace Them

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Replacing O Rings

There’s a lot that goes into a faucet. What looks like a simple fancy hose is a complex array of parts that give you the desired pressure and water quality for your sink or shower. We’re diving into one of the essential pieces of the faucet: the o-ring. Here’s what you need to know about this important part and how simple it is to replace them.

What is an O-Ring?

An O-ring is a rubber ring that wraps around different areas within the faucet. When applied, they create a seal to keep water flowing where it’s supposed to. Without it, water would leak out the sides of the faucet.

If water is leaking from your faucet, there’s a good chance that the o-rings are to blame. Over time, the ring can become cracked or deteriorated, therefore losing its sealant capabilities.

O-rings are used in a variety of applications for both liquid and gas.

How Do I Replace an O-Ring?

To operate on the faucet, first, turn off the main water valves under the sink. Then let the sink run to release any standing water.

Remove the faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You may want to take some photos throughout the process so it’s easier to put back together when you’re done. There are likely couplings that need to be removed or screws that need loosening. Once the spout is detached, locate the o-rings. Remove them or cut them off and replace them with the same size. It’s vital to get the exact size for your faucet - too big, and the seal won’t work, too small, and the ring will be prone to cracking. Reassemble the faucet and make sure there are no leaks.

If the faucet continues to leak, call in a plumbing professional to fix the problem.

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