A plunger and a toilet.

The Correct Way to Plunge a Toilet

If you’re a homeowner, you most likely have a plunger in at least one of your bathrooms in your house. Plungers are a common household item and they definitely come in handy when they are needed. Clogged toilets can be inconvenient, but most clogs are minor enough that the plunger you have on hand will fix the issue fairly quickly.

Even though plunging a toilet might seem pretty straightforward, there are still incorrect ways to use a plunger. In this blog, DoneRite Plumbing & Drain, LLC will be sharing a few tips on how to correctly plunge a toilet to prevent any further damage to your porcelain throne.

Grab Your Plunger and Rubber Gloves

Make sure you’re using a plunger that has an extension flange as these types of plungers are designed to better fit your toilet. We also recommend wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from any potential mess that can occur.

How to Plunge

Like we said before, plunging a toilet can seem pretty simple, but there are also ways you can incorrectly plunge your toilet. If you begin plunging too vigorously, water can blow back at you and create an even bigger mess. If this happens, make sure you have towels handy. Here are some extra tips for plunging a toilet.

Tip 1:

Begin plunging your toilet gently. Like we said before, if you are too rough at first and immediately force the plunger in your toilet, water can splash all over the toilet seat, floor, and on you.

Tip 2:

After your first gentle plunge is when you can begin plunging in and out with more force. Always make sure your plunger remains sealed to the toilet when you are plunging. Since the water is being forced in and out, this usually helps loosen the clog. The clog might still be there after a few plunges, so be patient and continue plunging up to 20 times if needed.

Tip 3:

Patience is key. Don’t become frustrated if the clog is not immediately loosened in the first few tries. If after 15-20 plunges the clog is still there, take a rest and try it again. We recommend switching up the level of force you are using to try and relieve the clog.

If you’ve tried these tips and the clog is still there, give DoneRite Plumbing & Drain, LLC a call at (503) 342-7782. We understand the inconvenience of a clogged toilet, so we’ll be right out with our premier toilet repair services.