A showerhead.

Choosing the Right Showerhead For You

Picking out a new showerhead might seem like a fun and exciting project until you get to the store and realize there are way too many options to pick from. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, specifically your shower or bathtub, you’ll want to have some background information about showerheads before making your purchase.

Water Pressure

The first thing you need to do when buying a new showerhead is making sure you check your home’s water pressure. Different types of showerheads require different psi (pounds per square inch), which is how water pressure is measured. Essentially, if you choose a showerhead that doesn’t align with your home’s water pressure, water won’t be able to flow strongly enough from the showerhead.

Spray Settings

There are a variety of spray settings available when it comes to showerheads. Try to figure out what kind of shower you enjoy taking, and then find a showerhead that offers that spray setting. Some of the most common spray settings are wide, targeted, rinse, and pulsating.


Like we mentioned before, there are quite a few types of showerheads that can make your decision a bit overwhelming. To break it down for you, we’ve listed the most common types below and what each has to offer.

Standard Wall-Mount

If you just want a simple upgrade to your current shower without breaking the bank, a standard wall-mounted showerhead is probably the best choice for you. These showerheads typically work with your existing plumbing system and attach to the shower elbow. They are low in cost, simple, and fairly easy to install.


Hand-held showerheads are very convenient because you are able to use them for a variety of tasks. Since they can detach from the holder on the shower wall, you can use hand-held showerheads to bathe your children, rinse down the shower door and wall, and bathe your pets.

Top Mount or “Rain”

Top-mount showerheads, also known as “rain” or “ceiling” showerheads, are positioned directly above the person showering. While these showerheads offer a very enjoyable showering experience for the bather, top-mount showerheads often require plumbing upgrades before installation.

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