Picture of Pop Art - Modern Bathroom

Your Personal Oasis

Your bathroom should be an oasis. We know, out of all of your spaces, why remodel a bathroom? Because it may be the most significant room in your home. Think about it—a bathroom is more than a room with a toilet—it’s your space to get ready for the world, it’s your room for relaxation, and it’s an environment you enter every single day. Your bathroom is important, and it should relay such.

Here is how we can turn your bathroom into your dream space.

Install A New Toilet

What’s new and trending in the toilet sphere? Low-flow toilets. If you are not already with the environmentally friendly movement, it is time to hop on board. Low-flow toilets will not only aid in water conservation, but they will also decrease your monthly water and utility costs. It’s really a win-win!

Install your new toilet today!

Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

If your plumbing fixtures are faded, cracked, covered in limescale, or rusted over—you’re ready for faucet upgrades. Changing your sink faucets to your showerheads, and everything in between, will truly transform your space.

Here at DoneRite Plumbing, we find fixtures that are both bold and on budget. Let’s design your oasis, on time and on the dime.

Upgrade Your Bathtub & Shower

Want a walk-in shower or tub? Done. Want a water-saving bath? Done. Want a jacuzzi bathtub or extra jets in your shower? Done. Whatever you want, we can accomplish it. Elevating your bathtub and shower will not only prove to make a tangible change in your life, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Get rid of your damaged showerheads, oxidized drains, and cracked porcelain, and say hello to a shower and bath that are customized to your needs, your unwinding process, and your daily routine.

Contact DoneRite Plumbing for plumbing remodels in your Salem, Oregon home at (503) 342-7782. We don’t just get it done—we get it done right.